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Master in theology (UNIVERSITÉ LAVAL)

The full MR program will be offered over the medium term to ITIM in partnership with the FTSR. In the meantime, we encourage evangelical students who wish to do a master's degree in theology to undertake it at the FTSR, offering them pedagogical advice and evangelical accompaniment. The student referred by ITIM will attend classes on the FTSR campus. He will carry out his research activities under the co-supervision of a professor from the FTSR and an ITIM professor, thus benefiting from a balanced framework.


The Master of Theology aims to acquire knowledge relevant to a sector of specialization in the field of theology (Biblical studies / theology Bible, theological studies / systematic theology, pastoral studies / practical theology), the initiation to a methodological work proper graduate studies, as well as the deepening of a current research problem. The possibility not only of acquiring the ability to articulate theory and practice in a theological perspective from concrete practices, but also to develop practical or professional skills through field placements, prepares the student with responsibilities in various workplaces: churches, social, community or public organizations, businesses, publishing houses, journalism, etc.


The MA includes 45 credits in total.

Compulsory courses (12 credits)

Theology in the 20th century: history and method

THL-6003: Theology and contemporary society

THL-6025: Intervention internship

THL-6080: Research Seminar

Optional course (3 credits)

THL-6081: Interpretative Methods in Bible Studies


THL-6095: Systematic Theology (FTSR: Seminar in Systematic Theology)


THL-6073: Theology and Pastoral (FTSR: Family and Pastoral)

Elective course (3 credits)

THL-6080: Research seminar

THL-6040: African Christian Theologies (FTSR: Special Topics)

THL-6050: Contextual Theologies and Social Action (FTSR: Special Topics)

THL-6075: Sickness, death and the figure of hope


THL-6082: Theology of Church Ministries (FTSR: Theologies, Spiritualities, Ministries)

THL-6088: Help Relationship and Spiritual Guidance

THL-6089: Intervention Models in Health Care Settings

THL-6092: Clinical Placement (May be chosen in place of THL-6025: Intervention Placement)

Memory Research Activities (27 credits)

THL-6811: Research Activity - Thesis 1 (3 credits)

THL-6812: Research Activity - Brief 2 (7 credits)

THL-6813: Research Activity - Thesis 3 (8 credits)

THL-6814: Research Activity - Brief 4 (9 credits)

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