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Directory of graduate courses offered by ITIM

ITIM offers FTSR courses at Université Laval with content inspired by evangelical theology and respectful of the various visions of the evangelical Christian world.

THL-6000: Theology in the 20th century: history and method

THL-6003: Theology and contemporary society

THL-6025: Intervention internship

THL-6080: Research Seminar

THL-6095: Systematic Theology (FTSR: Seminar in Systematic Theology)

THL-6073: Theology and Pastoral (FTSR: Family and Pastoral)

THL-6080: Research seminar

THL-6040: African Christian Theologies (FTSR: Special Topics)

THL-6050: Contextual Theologies and Social Action (FTSR: Special Topics)

THL-6075: Sickness, death and the figure of hope

THL-6077: Laboratories

THL-6082: Theology of Church Ministries (FTSR: Theologies, Spirituality, Ministries)

THL-6088: Help Relationship and Spiritual Guidance

THL-6089: Intervention Models in Health Care Settings

THL-6092: Clinical Placement (May be chosen in place of THL-6025: Intervention Placement)

THL-6811: Research Activity - Thesis 1

THL-6812: Research Activity - Brief 2

THL-6813: Research Activity - Thesis 3

THL-6814: Research Activity - Brief 4

THL-8001: Doctoral Seminar

THL-8003: Doctoral Exam I

THL-8004: Doctoral Exam II

THL-8005: Doctoral Forum

THL-8831: Research Activity - Thesis 1 

THL-8832: Research Activity - Thesis 2 

THL-8833: Research Activity - Thesis 3

THL-8834: Research Activity - Thesis 4

THL-8835: Research Activity - Thesis 5

THL-8836: Research Activity - Thesis 6

THL-8837: Research Activity - Thesis 7

THL-8838: Research Activity - Thesis 8

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