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Application for admission


Admission is the first step in accessing the FTSR programs at the ITIM. To do this, you can obtain the Application for Admission form from the ITIM Registrar's Office or download the  PDF version. You must then complete it and submit a duly completed application form including all the required documents, ie a copy of the birth certificate, copies of your diplomas, copies of your transcripts. The request must be submitted no later than 30 days before the date scheduled for the start of the courses for each session, either by e-mail or by postal mail or on site at the Registrar's Office. The Registrar Office will provide you with the official ITIM decision by sending you an admission letter by email.

Once admitted to ITIM, the staff will guide you in your move to become a student of
Université Laval on the ITIM campus, in an evangelical setting. This dual status will allow you to receive at the end of your training a diploma issued by Université Laval.

Before taking any steps, you must check the admission sessions and ensure that you meet the admission requirements of the program.

Is eligible for the Microprogram of initiation to theology of the UL any candidate aged 21 or over, who holds a Quebec secondary school Diploma (DES) or the equivalent (for example, a Diploma of professional studies or an Attestation of secondary school education) AND has experienced an interruption of studies for at least 2 consecutive years.

Is eligible for the Certificate and Baccalaureate programs of the UL any candidate with a Diploma of college studies (DCS) from Quebec or the equivalent.

If you need advices, you can call (438) 765-6319 and speak with Mr. Guy Goujou, the Registrar of ITIM, or (514) 773-4045 and speak with Dr. Koffi Badjagbo, Chief-executive officer of ITIM.

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