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Quarterly registration


Quarterly registration

All students admitted to a regular program of the UL must register each quarter for the courses in which they have been admitted according to the schedule of courses to be taught on the ITIM campus or its partners, the academic path and the advice issued by the ITIM Directorate. He must complete the ITIM Registration Form available at the Registrar's Office and download it in PDF format, sign it and return it to the Registrar's Office. He is also responsible for registering for courses at Université Laval in
Mon Portail using his password (PIN) and his unique identifier Université Laval (IDUL), which will be sent to him by Université Laval, gives him access to all the services of Université Laval.

Obviously, registration at Université Laval will generate a payment at Université Laval and not at ITIM. The student will be able to access the Université Laval bill in his
UL student file using his unique IDUL identifier and his PIN. Students must also validate their ITIM registration by paying management fees ($ 25 per course), student services fees ($ 40 per session) and fees for graduation and convocation if applicable ($ 100).

Any changes to a course selection that the student wishes to make during the term must be made during the first two weeks of the term in question by contacting the Registrar's Office (; 438-765-6319). ). It is also responsible for promptly entering the change into Mon Portail.

For any cancellation of registration (with refund), the student must notify the ITIM Management. He is also responsible for completing the course drop-out with Université Laval, before the deadline for the relevant quarter, by accessing the Course Registration section in
Mon Portail  and clicking on "Abandon a course" in the section. Registered course area.

After this period and in the absence of such authorization, it will simply be a course cancellation (non-refundable). The student will receive the ABA grade on his transcript for this course. In addition, he will be required to pay all tuition fees and other fees payable to Université Laval and ITIM. Neither the absence of a course nor the stop payment of a check constitutes a cancellation.

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